To advertise on the Burra Broadcaster, please contact by email or telephone on 0400 269 792.


All advertising creatives must fit into the sizes specified in the table below.  All measurements are in pixels and are measured width x height.

Please provide your advertisement as a JPEG, GIF, or PNG image file.

If you don’t have an image file, please contact us and ask us about Ad Creation. We can provide a quote from our graphic designer.


Payments for all advertisements must be received before the advertisement goes live. Please make sure you leave enough time for your payment to be processed before the start time of your ad.

Zone Description Cost Per Week
Zone A 600×90 Rotating Banner – Maximum of 2 Places  $134.00
Zone B 275×250 Fixed Block  $100.50
Zone C 275×100 Rotating Block – Maximum of 3 Places  $50.25
Zone D 275×378 Rotating Block – Maximum of 3 Places  $67.00
Zone E 600×90 Rotating Banner – Maximum of 3 Places  $67.00
Zone F1 to F4 125×125 Fixed Button  $20.10
Full Page* Permanent Ad or Advertorial Page  $335.00
Setup Fee One time setup fee for each ad placed  $66.00
Ad Creation Please contact us for info and pricing

* The Advertorial/Full Page Advertisement. Max 2 links per article.  This is a one time fee, your article remains on The Burra Broadcaster forever.


Advertising Zones

The image below shows where each advertisement is placed on the site.




Please contact or 0400 269 792