Factors To Choose The Best School For Driving Lessons Melbourne

Cathy wanted to learn driving as her dad gifted her new car on her 20th birthday. She contacted a few driving schools nearby and hired one. She wanted to learn driving the car in a few days. After doing a lot of research and asking her friends for recommendations, she hired a driving instructor to guide her. Within ten days, she was able to drive independently.

Whether you are a teen driver or an adult striving to get your first driver’s license, it is important to pick the right driving lessons. You can learn driving skills by choosing the right company or individual for the cheapest driving lessons in Melbourne.

Many states in Australia have specific driver education requirements for the training courses. It is essential to make sure that the school’s curriculum matches or exceed your country’s requirements. The best driving lessons not only teach driving skills to the teens but also provide the necessary guidance to the parents on how to make their children comfortable while they drive.

You can do some research over the internet to find the cheapest driving lessons in Melbourne. Ask as many questions as you may have and get all the information before hiring professionals for driving lessons. You should check the expertise and experience of the driving school.

Tips on how to choose the best driving lessons in Melbourne


Instructor’s credentials

When you call up the company providing driving lessons, make sure that you ask for the instructor’s credentials. Find out what kind of services the instructors offer, and how many people has he guided in the past few months.

Visit the facility

You can walk into the driving school to get all the information. Meet the trainers and instructors in person. Make sure that you choose the instructor that has a valid license.


All the vehicles with the driving school should have full insurance. Do not hesitate to ask whether the vehicles are insured.

Class size

Some professionals offer group classes while some others provide individual training for driving lessons. It can be a good idea to ask the experts how many students they accommodate in a class.

Condition of cars

When you visit the driving school, check what kind of cars they use for training. They should be in good condition, reliable, and safe. Ask the professionals about the accident rate of their vehicles also.


Find out what routes are chosen by the instructors. It is crucial that the teens get appropriate routes to face the challenges while learning to drive.

It is important to look for a school that does not rush the learning process. Not all driving schools are the same, and so, you can talk to a few instructors before you make the decision. No matter what your requirements may be, you should ensure that you get trained by expert professionals.

Choosing the right driving school in Melbourne is an important factor for teens. Ask friends and family for recommendations and make the right decision.

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