Garage Door Opener and Motor Replacement in Melbourne

mgdr_image2Garage Doors Melbourne is superior to other similar businesses because our experts are here 24 hours a day 7 days a week to get a better understanding of what you the client may need. Better put your business is our business. We work with many major brands such as Genie, Ever door, Liftmaster and many others. Whether it be commercial or residence our company is on call ready to help you in any way we can. To contact us by email please take a minute and fill out the form located to the right. We offer the following installation: Commercial and heavy duty, secured doors for your business (i.e. municipal buildings, loading docks, car sales lots, industrial warehouses and more) Any type of garage door openers, or electric motors including ones that use remote sensor technology Garage trim or additional decorative accessories Sectional doors, which are the most popular selection of garage door.

We work on insulated Garage Door Opener and Motor Replacement in Melbourne as well, which prove advantageous for attached garages. Doors for your garage that use a torque or extension spring system. Torque springs operate by twisting a coil around a spring thus raising or lowering the door. An extension spring system stretches the spring along the sides of the door’s track. Either system may cause injury if handled improperly. Replacing your old garage door is not something that you want to leave to yourself or a company with less experience than we have. Parts are older, worn down, and installation is much tougher than it would be the first time you are putting in a door.


At Garage Doors Melbourne we offer great new garage door installation for a low price. Our service is second-to-none and you will see firsthand how much our experience can come into play as we install your new door. Improper installation will cost you time, money, and can even do damage to your new door that is why you need the very best company for your garage door service. A broken garage spring may be one of those things that seem like an easy or simple fix, but they are not. If your door is over five years old then wear and tear, weather damage, rust and corrosion can cause you a lot of problems. Even frames could be bent a little and trying to replace the broken spring can cause damage to the door itself or cause it to not work.

That’s why you need the very best in garage doors repair and we are the only company that can provide that to you every time. With over 20 years of service Garage Door Repair, Melbourne not only provides you with immediate help, we can take care of any emergency garage door services you may have.

Garage Door Repair Melbourne The entrance door and motor in your house gives you a welcoming gesture that you are finally in the comfort of your home. A feeling of relief from the hectic schedule you had from work. The same thing is true when you are driving closer to your garage and you are greeted by a new garage door installation in Melbourne. It is a great experience to push a button and the garage door opens smoothly. This gives you a feeling of joy and security when you reach the garage and shuts down the garage door with a push of a button. Joy, because the new garage door is a state of the art innovation that makes life easier especially when the weather is acting up, you donate have to go down your car to open or close the doors of your garage. Just press the red button and it opens up, push it again and it closes on you. Safety because you are safe inside your car until you reach the inside of your garage and shutting it down close before you get out of your car. You are secured inside your car and inside your garage until it closes. Your property is safe too. Garage doors are very important to your garage and to the properties inside it and of the household as well. A garage without a garage door is naked to perpetrators that lurk in the darkness waiting for a chance to strike. Be cautious have a garage door installed or have your garage doors maintained and functional always.