How to Beat the Heat this Christmas Weekend


It’s set to be a scorching Christmas in South Australia, with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting  high temps over the next few days, including tops of 40 degrees on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

“Heatwaves can be very dangerous for vulnerable people, like the elderly, pregnant women, children, those with a disability and people taking certain medications” says Australian Red Cross’ South Australian State Manager of Emergency Services, Jai O’Toole .

In response to the heat, the Red Cross has implemented a Telecross REDi response.

The response includes contacting our clients, warning of the forecast hot weather and suggesting ways for them to stay cool. They will be contacted by SMS or landline.

We will also text people and remind them to check in on loved ones during the hot weather.

We will contact our clients and remind them prepare for heat wave by using our Red Cross RediPlan tool.  Just visit

Red Cross’ tips for coping with the heat:

  • Drink regularly: even if you don’t feel thirsty. Water is the best option.  Avoid alcohol, tea, coffee and sugary or fizzy drinks as they make dehydration worse.
  • Eat little and often: rather than large meals. Try to eat salads and fruit, which contain water.
  • Stay indoors: in the coolest rooms of your house or in the shade during the hottest part of the day.
  • Take cool showers and splash yourself with cold water several times a day, particularly your face and the back of your neck. A loose, cotton, damp cloth or scarf on the back of the neck can help you stay cool.
  • Air flow: make sure there is sufficient air circulation, either from an air conditioner or by leaving a secured window or door open.
  • Find the shade: if you must go out, stay in the shade. Wear a hat and light-coloured, loose-fitting clothes, preferably made of natural fibres. Wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30 to exposed skin. If you will be outside for some time, take plenty of water with you.




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