Please Desex Your Pets


In Australia 250,000 cats and dogs are euthanized every year which equates to approximately 685 killed every single day. This number refers only to those animals recorded so it is actually a gross underestimation of the actual number of lives wasted every day. One of the major reasons for this excessively high rate is due to continual breeding of puppies and kittens with no good responsible loving homes for them to go into. Dogs come into season approximately every 6 months and while cats are capable of breeding all year round this generally only occurs in the warmer months of the year. So the number of puppies and kittens produced is potentially astronomical. However, we can reduce this production and death toll very simply through desexing animals. Not only does it reduce this horrific waste of life but the health and behaviour of desexed animals is greatly improved. It also teaches your children responsibility.

Desexed animals generally live longer and have less health problems. They are more content and less likely to exhibit annoying behaviours such as the spraying, howling and fighting observed in cats and the wandering, marking and male dominance aggression and fight related injuries in dogs. Less wandering means less chance of road accident deaths for both cats and dogs. For dogs, desexing reduces the risk of uterine and prostrate problems; breast, uterine, prostate and testicular cancer. Similarly for cats, desexing reduces the risk of diseases and cancers as well as fight abscesses and transmitted diseases such as flu, FIV and leukaemia. Desexing also prevents hereditary disease.

There is no benefit in allowing your animal to have one litter nor in allowing a first season. There is no evidence that supports either. In fact every season you allow you female dog to have, significantly increases their chance of developing mammary cancer which is just as serious in animals as in humans, while allowing a litter simply adds to the overpopulation problem. There is also no truth to the belief that dogs work better if left entire. Desexed dogs and bitches work better than their undesexed counterparts. Many breeders and trainers state desexed animals are cleaner, more focussed on their work and more focussed and loyal to their handler, making training so much easier. Desexing your dog means you can enjoy walking and outings far more than if leaving it undesexed. As stated above their temperament is calmer, less aggressive and you are not going to attract a hoard of male suitors if your bitch is in heat.

Please desex your animals now. Cat breeding season is almost upon us and with the seasons slowly becoming warmer, this is extending the breeding and rescue groups cannot keep up with the increased number of unwanted kittens. There are subsidised desexing options available especially for cats. These include C.A.T.S Inc and NAN (National Cat Desexing Network). And if you are worried about the cost of desexing simply look at the costs associated with the alternative diseases and injuries linked to undesexed animals. Desexing is the far cheaper option. Shop around, some vets are cheaper than others while some also offer pay by instalment options.

Be aware that drowning unwanted pups and kittens is illegal and inhumane. These animals are vertebrates and mammals so just like us feel pain, fear, discomfort and depression. They suffer horrifically by this cruel and archaic practice. If you do have unwanted animals, take them to your local pound, AWL, RSPCA for rehoming or to your local vet for humane destruction. If you want to have a pet in your life think about adopting from a rescue centre. These animals are so appreciative of being loved and part of your life that the make the best companions. Mixed breeds are also often far healthier and more robust than their highly bred counterparts. And the positive spin on adopting a rescue – reputable rescues only allow desexed, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated animals for adoption.

Desexed and micro-chipped pets will soon be a legal requirement, so get on to it now. And don’t forget, a desexed dog is cheaper to register! So with all the pluses involved in desexing your pet: for you; your pet; and, your community, what are you waiting for! Be responsible and desex your pet.


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