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Banjo Says……. I Love Training!

I know I’m never going to be a competition dog, but what does that matter. I’m now really good around other dogs and easy for my owners to manage. I’m so much more relaxed now that I actually enjoy both being with, and working with other dogs.

The only reason this has happened is because my owners decided to accept a training regime and stick with. Unacceptable behaviour wasn’t bad one day and okay the next, they stuck to their guns and made sure I stuck with the programme. I’m glad they did. I think my life is much more enjoyable, and I know I feel a lot more secure with strong guidelines.

I can’t believe what we’ve learnt to do, so much more than basic obedience. I now do sit stays, drop stays and recalls. Who’d have thought anyone could walk off and leave me with other dogs a few months ago, that’s what training does for you. I’m a model canine citizen now, should be an award for that.


questions of the week

Question of the Week….. How Hard do I Have to Work to Train My Dog?

It isn’t a question of how hard, rather one of being consistent. If you only have a few minutes a day, then it’s better to work for short periods on a regular basis instead of one long session on a weekend. Dogs lose concentration after a while, and no amount of repetition will make them better. So don’t work harder, work smarter as they say.

Short bursts of training on a regular basis will really pay off.



tip of the week dont waste

Tip of the Week…… Don’t Waste an Opportunity

Once you have your dog’s attention like you see with Goldilocks here, use this opportunity to do some training. It’s like teachers trying to educate children who aren’t listening, but once they do it’s amazing how much can be absorbed in a short period.

You don’t have to work for long, even 5 productive minutes is useful. Once your dog is paying attention, devote a few minutes to training and then have a rest or knock off for the day.

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