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A successful Goyder Writer’s Workshop was held at The Black Sheep in Burra yesterday, which resulted in several articles written, one posted on the Burra Broadcaster website, and several on their way. The aim of the workshop was to encourage people to write stories from our region, which will in turn be published in the Broadcaster.

The Broadcaster is read in numerous countries, from Russia to the United States and everywhere in between. We are able to measure page hits and know that the local news column is very popular. Its appeal is in its authenticity in a world that has largely succumbed to rapid, shallow information. So a good yarn and reliable content is highly regarded by people who want to find out what happens outside of the metro mayhem.

Small community papers do not generate an income worthy of retirement dreams, so the Workshop was a way of keeping our local information highway open, generating extra traffic to the Broadcaster website, and attracting additional advertising revenue.

Hosted by the Burra Broadcaster and facilitated by Dr Kristine Peters (KPPM Strategy), the Workshop opened with a welcome from Michelle Osborn, and featured guest speakers John Judd (IT Boss), who offered great tips on resourcing and writing blogs, and local Hallett writer Brenda Villis who shared her knowledge of writing about small town topics.

It’s largely because of Brenda’s column that we decided to offer the Writer’s Workshop.

Brenda’s monthly updates capture the essence of small community living, both with current events and a link to the past. It soon became apparent that the updates were widely enjoyed by locals, ex-locals and people that have never even heard of the town. You can’t put a price on stories like these.

By encouraging “writers” from the small towns in our region to contribute their stories and ideas, the Goyder region will get better promotion, and the authors will have an avenue for publication in a widely-read website.

This Workshop was a great success as we saw many articles covering a diverse range of opinions and ideas. Feedback has been positive with comments including:

“I loved the session today, it was really valuable and I’m looking forward to starting to work on my own blog.”

“I’d be more than happy to for another session. Thank you so much for this opportunity.”

There are plans to host a follow up Workshop. Keep an eye on the Broady for more information.


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