Social Media and Business

A social media is an instrument of communication that gives information but interacts with you directly while giving the information. It consists of computer mediated tools that allow people to create, share and exchange information, ideas or pictures and other forms of multi-media in virtual communities and networks.

The Top Social Media Channels

Survey reveals the top five social media channels companies are using to sell their business, product, and services. These includes the use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs, and Pinterest. For the purpose of this piece of informative content, I am going to let all noble users understand all about Pinterest and the different ways Pinterest can benefit your Business.

Social Media Vs Business

Social media is absolutely transforming the way business is carried out as more customers are are inclined to buy more often on a brand whose presence is on social media. Social media can work wonders for internal corporate communication and can boost business in numerous ways. Knowing on how to capitalize on your brand’s social media presence is quite crucial.

Social media is used in improving business in the following ways.
1. Branding
2. Making use of different Platforms
3. Responding to criticism
4. Making new audiences
5. Localization
6. Search engine optimization

Let us now talk about Pinterest and the Ways Pinterest Can Benefit Your Business

What is Pinterest

Pinterest is fast-growing an online pinboard that allows users to find and curate images and video. It helps people make discoveries about the things they want to plan, buy and do. It is an internet photo sharing and publishing service which allows users ti ‘Pin’ pictures they like and then upload their own recommendation to their ‘pinboards.’

Fastest growing platform

Pinterest is now the fastest-growing platform for online content sharing. Business should look beyond Facebook and Twitter when managing their social media outreach. Business can capitalize on the Pinterest surge to market their products and grow their customer base.

Benefits of Using Pinterest for Business Growth

Pinterest receives an average of 1.36million visitors every day, and this number keeps on rising. It creates a huge opportunity for companies to expand their reach.

Business Benefit 1: Traffic

The site’s most obvious business benefit is referral traffic. Pinterest refers more traffic to sites than Google Plus, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Make sure your content is pinnable and then you can test how well your content transfers.

Business Benefit 2: Insights

Pinterest gives you a great source of customer insights. When you do a quick keyword search, you can tell what your audience is discussing and sharing.

Business Benefit 3: Connections

You can make excellent connections with top influencers and make an actual experience where your stuff is being pinned about.

Business Benefit 4: Market Trend Research

By browsing Pinterest, you can learn what products or pieces are not right just by looking at the number of the repins.

People will pin ideas because they are appealing in some visual way. If something has repeatedly been repinned, this creates the presentation that is appealing to your customers.

Business Benefit 6. Establishing Expert Status

If you are a true and confident expert in a certain business field, you can share with the world on Pinterest. A blogger can create amazing designs on content promotion and share on Pinterest.

Business Benefit 7: Pinterest Back-Links and SEO

There is an invaluable nature of back-links to SEO. Pinterest has ‘pins’ description of their root domain. These create search engine rankings as your brand builds credibility.

All said, Pinterest like all others social media channels, can help create brand awareness and facilitate website leads.