BBH Presentations

The 2016 BBH Football and Netball season has officially concluded with both senior and junior clubs celebrating with the end of year wind up and presentations.

The Junior presentation held on September 18 saw a great crowd in attendance at the Complex with players, family and friends enjoying a pooled bbq lunch.

A Mexican themed Senior presentation was held Friday September 30, and while the weather hindered on the numbers present, an enjoyable time was had by those able to attend.

Senior trophy winners:

A Grade

Best & Fairest – Marcus Hall

R/up Best & Fairest – Cam Montgomerie

Best Team Man – Steven Mann

Most Valuable – Robbie Hall

Most Improved – Jack Rowe


A Grade – Robbie Hall, Marcus Hall, Boh Wall (Coach) & Jack Rowe. (Absent: Cam Montgomerie & Steven Mann).


B Grade

Best & Fairest – Daniel Mills

R/up Best & Fairest – Stephen Tohl

Best Team Man – Brett Hill

Most Improved – Alistair Lindner

Most Consistent – Jaydan Alderson


B Grade – Daniel Mills, Alistair Lindner, Todd Noakes (Coach) & Jaydan Alderson. (Absent: Stephen Tohl & Brett Hill).



Best & Fairest – Gemma Seal

R/Up Best & Fairest – Amelia Rasheed

Coaches Award – Kirsty Glacken


A1 – Kirsty Glacken & Amelia Rasheed. (Absent: Gemma Seal).



Best & Fairest – Jess Dutschke

R/Up Best & Fairest – Nicole Radford

Coaches Award – Cheryl Clonan



A2 – Cheryl Clonan, Nicole Radford & Jess Dutschke.



Best & Fairest – Megan Rayson

R/Up Best & Fairest – Amy Berryman

Coaches Award – Darcy Cousins


Best & Fairest – Jodie Stockman

R/Up Best & Fairest – Sarah Haverland

Coaches Award – Kimberley Williams


Best & Fairest – Kimberley Bailey

R/Up Best & Fairest – Sophie Brown

Coaches Award – Emily Sims



Jodie Stockman (C1), Emily Sims (C2), Kimberley Williams (C1) & Megan Rayson (B1). (Absent: Amy Berryman, Darcy Cousins, Sarah Haverland, Kimberley Bailey & Sophie Brown).


Junior trophy winners:



Best & Fairest: Josiah Clifford

Runner/Up Best & Fairest: James Boston

Best Team Man: Patrick Connell

Coach’s Trophy: Allan Heritage

Most Consistent: Sean Millward

U17 -

U17 – Patrick Connell, James Boston, Josiah Clifford, Sean Millward & Allan Heritage.


Best & Fairest: William Baker

Runner/Up Best & Fairest: Chase Webster

Best Team Man (Craig Lynch Memorial Trophy): Cody Jones

Most Consistent: Isaac Pearce

Most Improved (Danny Greet Memorial Trophy): Nick Stockman

U14 -

U14 – Isaac Pearce, Chase Webster, William Baker, Nick Stockman & Cody Jones.


Best & Fairest: Chelsea Kelly

Runner/Up Best & Fairest: Destiny Klem

Coach’s Trophy: Erin Cousins

15&U -

15&U – Destiny Klem, Chelsea Kelly & Erin Cousins.



Best & Fairest: Ruby Waters

Runner/Up Best & Fairest: Georgia Hook

Coach’s Trophy: Bethani Cunningham

J1 -

J1 – Bethani Cunningham, Ruby Waters & Georgia Hook.



Best & Fairest: Tilly Nicholls

Runner/Up Best & Fairest: Shae Glacken

Coach’s Trophy: Kate Clarke

J2 -

J2 – Shae Glacken & Tilly Nicholls. (Absent: Kate Clarke).


U12's medallions -

2016 U12’s  – Back: Harry Glacken, Jordan Todd, Bailey James, Jarad Clonan, Ashton Tippet, Reon James, Cher Waters, Kobi Wenzel, Jack Austin, Jesse Morris. Front: Jordan Van Gasteren, Thomas Friebel, Josh Booth, Nick Stockman, Henry Baker & Ashton Pearce.


U9's -

U9’s – Back: Henry Drew, Oliver Jones, Will Quinn, Nick Jones, John Tilley, Cooper Williams, Adam Cunningham. Front: Bailey Van Gasteren, Cash Cooper, Alex Friebel, Dustin Harvey, Jaxon James & Thomas Cunningham.


J3 -

J3 – Back: Georgie Lines, Lauren Donhardt, Sienna Stockman, Mackenzie Myers-Raffan, Lilly Smith. Front: Scarlett Pearce, Alice Tiver, Iris Park & Jessie Klem.


J4 -

J4 – Back: Grace Cunningham, Tegan Jones, Shelby Van Gasteren, Flick Stockman, Eliza Quinn, Claire Hall. Front: Abbie Mirtschin, Lara Johnson, Montana Taylor & Olivia Clarke.


J5 -

J5 – Back: Evelyn Klem, Millie Bavistock, Reagan Van Gasteren, Kaylee Jones, Evelyn Tilley, Michii Kennedy. Front: Bree Tiver, Zoe Clonan, Chloe Mirtschin, Keira Schuppan & Misty Lawlor.






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