NENA Grand Final Results


Eudunda Robertstown 32 lst Min-Man 44

With Min-Man coming up against the Saints for the fourth time this season without a win, they were hungry for the ball.  Min-Man came out strong making the most of the turnovers, with Jo Hill firing at GK.  Saints fought back in the second quarter, but struggled to find fluency.  Min-Man ran the game out strong with accurate shooting.

Best on Court: Jo Hill (Min Man).


RSMU 43 def North Clare 27

Both teams hit the ground running playing great attacking netball.  Ellen Callary in defence took control of the circle and made it hard for the North Goalies.  Zoe Hier, after 7 weeks off didn’t miss a beat shooting confidently.  North Clare fired up at quarter time and moved the ball swiftly through the centre court with Sonia and Kelly feeding the goalies whom were on target.  North Clare made some changes at half time seeing Sonia Pawelski move into goals and Vic Jenkins playing some great defence.  The hot conditions were hard work for all on the court and it was the steady play of RSMU that saw them grind away to build a crucial lead by the third quarter.  RSMU were too strong, a testament to their undefeated season and took out the premiership.

Best on Court: April Keading (RSMU).


RSMU 34 lst Min-Man 43

In what was always going to be a tight hard match between two quality teams. Min-Man held a two goal lead at the quarter break and 4 goals at half time.  RSMU were accurate and strong in the goal ring but Min-Man had a high possession rate.  The game broke open in the last quarter with Min-Man playing a well deserved win in the end.

Best on Court: Annette McDermid (Min Man).


Eudunda Robertstown 43 def Min-Man 33

It was a tough and even game with both teams working hard.  Strong defence by Eudunda/Robertstown and good shooting forced Min-Man to make numerous changes.  An injury to Min-Man’s GS caused more changes and then lost momentum.  Saints continued to increase and maintain their lead.

Best on Court: Jodie Mosey (Eudunda Robertstown).


RSMU 41 def North Clare 59

Great grand final to watch between North Clare and RSMU.  Sophie McLennan and Jo Goodwin worked well in the goal ring and tremendous feeding provided by Danielle Willis in WA.  Well done to North Clare who fought hard from the very beginning and RSMU provided some great competitive netball.

Best on Court: Danielle Willis (North Clare).


Min-Man 47 def South Clare 33

Both teams came out fighting from the first whistle.  Min-Man settled quickly with accurate shooting from Bridgette Smith to put them in the lead by 4 goals.  South Clare came out determined in the second quarter with Taylah Werfel and Megan Werfel dominating the turnovers in the centre court.  Min-Man kept the pressure up in the third quarter to increase their margin.  South Clare tried different combinations but a dominate Min-Man came out strong in the 4th quarter.  Min-Man remained undefeated all year.

Best on Court: Brigitte Smith (Min Man).


North Clare 38 def BSR 35

What a fantastic match up for a grand final.  Both teams came out firing with beautiful shooting from Alyssa Pawelski and Phoebe Helbig of North Clare.  Lucy Meyer and Lauren Ferme played a tight game for BSR with some great turnovers.  The last quarter saw North Clare up by 8 with BSR coming out strong and picking up North’s mistakes.  North Clare held in with a fantastic win by 3.  BSR had more shots for goals than North Clare but just couldn’t get a lead.  North Clare ended by being undefeated all season.  Well done girls.

Best on Court: Alyssa Pawelski (North Clare).


Blyth/Snowtown 43 def North Clare 37

A strong start by both teams with Robyn Coles shooting strongly.  Some great intercepts by Blyth/Snowtown’s defence bought them out leading in the second quarter.  Fantastic shooting and dynamic moves by Kasey Bigg and Cartia Jaeschke.  Ella Roberts stepped up in defence to help Blyth/Snowtown take a strong 7 goal up at half time.  North Clare controlled the third quarter but the cats remained calm to take a 5 goal win.

Best on Court: Kasey Bigg (Blyth Snowtown).


Min-Man 41 def BSR 19

A great grand final game with BSR working hard all day.  An even contest in the first half but Min-Man was just too strong with Alice Hart-Lamont’s intercepts and accurate shooting from the goalies.  Well done to BSR whose shooting was exceptionally accurate.  Min-Man pulled away in the last half to win the game.

Best on Court: Alice Hart-Lamont (Min Man).


NENA Presentations

Players Choice Umpire of the Year – Jane Parkinson (RSMU)

Volunteer of the Year – Kerry-Lee Welke (Blyth Snowtown)

NENA Life Member 2016 – Sharyn Roberts (BBH)



Best & Fairest: Joint winners – Jess Geister (Eudunda Robertstown) & Katie Leibelt (South Clare) 23 votes

Runner Up – Gemma Seal (BBH) 18 votes


Best & Fairest – Kristy Lewis (South Clare) 37 votes

Joint Runner Up – Hailey Koch (South Clare) & Elle Marschal (Eudunda Robertstown) 19 votes


Best & Fairest – Annette McDermid (Min Man) 37 votes

Runner Up – Victoria Jenkins (North Clare) 16 votes


Best & Fairest – Hayley Jackson (BSR) 19 votes

Runner Up – Karen Palmer (Min Man) 16 votes


Best & Fairest – Belinda Dare (South Clare) 30 votes

Joint Runner Up – Natasha Liddy (North Clare) & Danielle Wills (North Clare) 20 votes


Best & Fairest – Amber Mason (North Clare) 28 votes

Runner Up – Mikayla Lawrie (South Clare) 22 votes


Best & Fairest – Alyssa Pawelski (North Clare) 36 votes

Runner Up – Abby Griffiths (RSMU) 30 votes


Best & Fairest – Kasey Bigg (Blyth Snowtown) 35 votes

Runner Up – Robyn Coles (North Clare) 30 votes


Best & Fairest – Taylah Schell (North Clare) 20 votes

Runner Up – Ruby Stringer (BSR) 18 votes

NENA Life Member 2016 - Sharyn Roberts (BBH).

NENA Life Member 2016 – Sharyn Roberts (BBH).


A1 Runner Up Best & Fairest - Gemma Seal (BBH).

A1 Runner Up Best & Fairest – Gemma Seal (BBH).



Min Man Eagles – A1 NENA Premiers 2016. Images courtesy facebook.




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