Unleash the Magic of Underwire Support from Rash Vests

9d2486a5f48a435669ba1d1b938cbf6cc9591f26_760xRash Vests underwire swimwear is a specialized swimming apparel that not only makes you appear slimmer but also has added support in the bra with a built-in wire, plastic strand, or other reinforcement to provide women with lift and comfort.

This underwire support offered by rash vests benefits large breasted woman or small equally and maximizes the plus points of the body you currently have. For larger women, the underwire gives the needed support and keeps you from falling out of your suit.

Rash vests use a specialized body shaping material that they call Miratex. This material is quite innovative as it can comfortably pull in, smooth out, and even your look with a material that will not be harmed if it gets wet.T he Miratex fibers are woven in such a way that makes the material breathable, waterproof, and quite comfortable.

The upper part of these swimsuits will have a comfortable hidden underwire that moves when you move. The cups are lined with a soft material that allows for all-day comfort. Also offered are foam materials for cups to give you a fuller look if that is what you desire. As will all Miraclesuit swimsuits the material is specially designed to pull back and keep you shaped properly as you pull and move about.

4_d1f2b922-ccfe-48d1-b107-93e9d8646a2b_760xHere is what Luanne from Nevada has to say about the underwire support from Miraclesuit, “I was searching for a long time for underwire swimwear that did not have that motherly look, and I found it in a style from Hot Hollywood. I am not one to shop for Billabong rash vests online in Australia for things but I was desperate so I decided to give this a try.  I was a bit intimidated as I thought you might need the body of a model to look good in this, but I was pleasantly surprised how well it made me look. I am only 115 pounds and this underwire does not cut into my hips like most underwire swimwear does, and it really looks cute.T he top gives me awesome support and is the main reason I was looking for a suit like this.  Needless to say, I am very happy with this one!”

When hitting the beaches, all of us want to look perfect with tones and sleek body but unfortunately, very few women have figures to flaunt.T he solution to this is Miraclesuit swimwear, a stunning range of shaping and styling swimwear that promises to do what no other can. Its modern manufacturing and construction techniques and the use of Miratex fabric and design, not only to hold you in the places where you expect but also promises to look 10 pounds lighter in an instant.

Its one-piece wrap contours, shapes, slims and firms the body while still being comfortable. It has 3 times the holding power of a regular swimsuit, all thanks to a superbly clever design and the use of materials and design that gives it three times the hold and support of a standard swimsuit you are shaped and supported all over to the best effect. It looks the part and comes in a range of sizes and excellent colors.

Rash vests one-piece swimsuit with hidden, molded, underwired cups, stylish U shape gap on center front and flattering gathering detail across center front uses shaping technology to give a brilliant look and hold and offers a classic retro look. Perfect for ladies with a DD bust and featuring a knot detail at center front, some designs of miraclesuit pulls you in at the waist. With these superbly crafted, clever and very stylish shaping swimsuits we can take back the confidence lost with ill-fitting one-piece suits in the past.