Van Shelving And Racking Systems

Using Van Shelving Has Many Advantages

Van shelving is a great form of storage. These shelves can hold items that are heavy because it is so durable. Not only this, but van shelves and racks can also be less expensive than wooden ones.

Shelving is not only purchased for its great strength, but the material it is made from also gives the area they are placed in a modern and contemporary look. They are trendy and many people are purchasing these storage units to complete their decor.

When it comes to looking after these shelves, they are easy to care for, needing very little attention. They are just as easy to put together if not assembled yet and fit into both large and small areas without overcrowding.


Choosing shelves can be easy

Selecting the right metal shelving can, however, be an overwhelming task. There are so many materials to choose from and weights that they can withstand. The best way of buying this type of shelves is to ask yourself as many questions as possible.

Start by determining how these shelves will be used. Is it actually for heavy duty storage, light storage or is it just for decorative purposes. Heavy duty storage requires a shelving of a more durable metal material while really light goods can be held on wire shelving.

Also, consider where they will be placed. If they are going to be out of site, you need not get something fancy. However, if people are going to see your shelves, then try to purchase something that is more attractive and made of a good quality metal.

Racking Solutions for Your Individual Business Needs


If you have a lot of belongings that need to be stored, van shelves and racks is a worthy investment for you to make. There is a wide range of storage racking for the workplace, as it is understood that the diverse needs of different buildings need to be taken into account.

With a business, if you have stock you then will have to think about storage racking to house all of your stock and racking allows you to store your stock and keep it safe and secure until you need to get to it.

The business may also require portable storage racking for their stock so that you can move the racking around the warehouse with ease. Portable racking also means that you can minimise the distance that you need to carry your stock, and therefore if your stock items are heavy you can also limit the risk of any injury lifting the stock.

Here at Melbourne, we have a range of storage racking units to suit your business. Our units come in a range of prices, so there will be a unit to suit your businesses budget. The racking is also boltless, so the units are easy to assemble and don’t require a significant level of DIY skills to be made. With these benefits, your units will be ready to use in no time at all.

If you require a large number of storage racks, we offer some great bulk discounts and a range of accessories to go with the units, which will enable you to connect a number of units together to utilise space as you need it.

Save the Valuable Space that You Have

There are a range of shelf storage options that are available on the market today and they help to store your belongings, while making sure that you take up as little space as possible. They also make sure that you make the most of the space that you have.

If you have limited floor space then you want to try and make sure that you use as little floor space as possible, and this is where shelf storage comes in. These units are attached to the wall so that you do not use any of your valuable floor.  The shelves can be attached to the wall at places that suit you and they can be set at the heights that you require, and can be above any of your existing furniture, such as above your television or table.

When you have floor space to spare there are great units that have a number of shelves in one unit, so that you can store a large number of items in one central location. The shelves on the storage unit can be adjusted to heights that suit your needs and if you require additional shelves, these can be purchased at a small additional cost.

Here at Melbourne, there are a range of shelf storage units that we have available and they come in a range of sizes so that you can find a unit that will fit exactly where you want it to be. There are a range of useful accessories that are also available to purchase for optimising some of the storage units.